About Camp

Since 2018 the International Individual Hockey Camp (MIHL) in Sochi is a year-round hockey school. That is we are open for you not only in the summertime, but during the fall, winter and spring as well. All camps will be held during school breaks.

In June International Individual Hockey Camp will be again open for young hockey players of 2004-2011 year of birth from the whole Russia and foreign countries!

1st week: June 11 till June 20
2nd week: June 21 till June 30

10th of June, 20th of June, 30th of June are check-in/out and registration days (not training days)


Improve individual skills, reveal faults and ways of correction, advance the vision of training system during whole hockey life till mature master level.

Our coaches

The team of our coaches we formed are the active coaches from different hockey centres of Russian and foreign countries. We shake up the board in a certain way and substitute coaches every year. The reason why we do it is that every region of Russia has its own style, uniqueness of training process, variety of exercises and methodical specifics. We share the best practices, new ideas and improve methods generalizing the lessons learned.

In different periods our camp was headed and is headed now the following famous coaches: V. Erfilov, N. Kazakov, A. Tkachuk (Krylia Sovetov), I. Khatsey (Spartak), M. Komarov (Avangard), A. Vasilevskiy (Salavat Yulaev), G. Bisenieks (ASK Ogre), M. Chekanov (Spartak), V. Fakhrutdinov (Neftekhimik), V. Soloviev (Metallurg), E. Shcherbakov (Spartak), V. Khatin, V. Gerasimov (Salavat Yulaev), A. Yakhanov (Salavat Yulaev), Eric Veissman (Slovakia), Petr Novak (Czech), Peter Solmosi (Slovakia) and others.

All of them put their experience and talent in our camp.

We forge ahead.

We are searching for new progressive attitudes, attract new experts to be the first, to be the best!

For the first time ever in Russia experts in sport psychology will work with young hockey players according to a programme specially developed by Academy of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism.
The camp becomes more popular from year to year. In 2009-2016 junior hockey players from 40 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Moldavia have been trained in the camp. If we look at the lineups of regional teams playing in finals of Russia, we will see many players who have been trained in our camp. It means that we do all the things right.

In 2015 the MIHL camp extended its boundaries and is hosting the hockey players in the Olympic Sochi. We offer the opportunity for everyone who wishes to master his skills in the sport arena of Bolshoy Ice Dome in the centre of the Olympic Park.

Kryukov Alexey
Project Manager